Cordially Yours – Animated movie about intergenerational dynamics in the workplace


Following “Error 404”, released in 2022, which focused on invisible disabilities, this second animated film addresses the theme of intergenerational issues in the workplace. The extension of working life brings the topic of intergenerationality to the forefront of concerns. Today, four generations coexist: the baby boomers, Generation X, Generation Y or Millennials, and in recent years, Generation Z has been added to the mix.

A true asset for companies, it also presents a real challenge for leaders and managers who must, in order to preserve the collective, bring together employees whose frameworks, work methods, aspirations, and motivational drivers seem very different.

The film “Cordially Yours” seeks to deconstruct stereotypes and clichés associated with generations so that generational diversity becomes a force in service of creativity, innovation, and collective performance. The film is directed not only at HR, managers, and executives but also at all employees.

This film was produced with the help of Séquences Clés Productions, the first audiovisual communications agency staffed mainly by creative professionals living with a disability, whether physical, psychological or sensory.

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